Celebrity Fitness: Kriti Sanon’s Secret To Her Slender Frame

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Celebrity Fitness: Kriti Sanon’s Secret To Her Slender Frame

Kriti Sanon’s pretty smile has won the hearts of many. However, it’s not only her visage that makes Kriti so desirable but also her lean and fit frame. What is it that the actress does to maintain her health and fitness? Let’s find out.

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  • Exercise Regime


Kriti trains under the guidance of celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. She focuses on pilates and weight-training. The actress is very particular about her workout regime and makes it a point to not miss even a single session. She also indulges in kick-boxing and loves to experiment with new forms of activities. She learned mixed martial arts and sword fighting as a requirement for her film, ‘Raabta’. Karachiwala states that Kriti’s body type needs intense weight-training that helps in strengthening the core.


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  • Diet Plan


Apart from an indispensable workout session, she also follows a strict diet which aids her in staying healthy. Her day begins with a glass of honey water. For breakfast, she eats two eggs with brown bread and a glass of protein shake. She consumes 2 chappattis, brown rice and vegetables for lunch. In the evening, she fulfills her hunger pangs with fruits and a cup of green tea. This helps the body detox and flush out all the toxins. It goes without saying that fried food isn’t even an option for someone as health conscious as Kriti. Her dinner consists of salads followed by a glass of milk before sleeping.

Like everyone, Kriti has her weak point as well and cannot control herself when it comes to devouring butter chicken. It is absolutely okay to cheat once in a while! Follow Kriti’s health and fitness regime to achieve a svelte figure like her.

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