Celebrity Fitness: Katrina Kaif’s Fitness Secrets Revealed

Often tagged in the Instagram posts of star kids like Alia Bhatt and Parineeti Chopra is Katrina Kaif who seen motivating the young stars at the gym, as they work out. Katrina Kaif is extremely particular about her health and encourages her friends to do the same. The flawless beauty works out regularly at the gym and follows a strict diet to maintain her slender frame. Let’s dig deeper into the actress’s fitness mantra to take inspiration from the same.

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  • Diet Plan

Kaif begins her day by drinking at least 4 glasses of water, which helps her in maintaining a clear and glowing skin as sufficient water intake ensures a smooth functioning of the digestive system. For breakfast, she has cereal or oatmeal. She also consumes food supplements derived from Acai berry and wheat grass powder. The actress follows a macrobiotic diet routine. She eats fresh boiled vegetables or fresh fruits after every two hours throughout the day. She focuses on the consumption of fibers and has completely cut out carbohydrates from her meal. Her lunch consists of grilled fish and brown bread with butter. She fulfills her evening hunger pangs with brown bread and peanut butter. Her day concludes with a bowl of soup, fish, chapattis and grilled vegetables for dinner.

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  • Exercise Regime

Katrina trains under the guidance of celebrity fitness trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala. Her routine includes a lot of functional training combined with Pilates and an hour of cardio every day. Kaif also practices Yoga, plyometrics, dance and swimming as it enhances her stamina and helps her focus better. Furthermore, she prefers agood amount of variety in her workout routine. These exercises prove beneficial as they serve a part of her endurance and strength training.

Lastly, what’s most important is her dedication to her body. Katrina never misses a single day of her workout. Yes, she has cheat days in her diet but the actress makes it a point to work out even more rigorously the following days.

Go ahead and follow Katrina’s fitness regime to achieve a svelte figure like her!

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