Celebrity Fitness: Kangana Ranaut’s Fitness Plan

Read more to achieve a svelte figure like Kangana.

Celebrity Fitness: Kangana Ranaut’s Fitness Plan

Hailing from Himachal Pradesh, Kangana Ranaut has a naturally glowing visage and is a true beauty as well as a brilliant actress. Known to take jabs at the Bollywood biggies time and again, this mountain Jenny surely knows how to survive in the glamorous industry. Bold and beautiful, the ‘Queen’ actress has her fitness game on point. Let’s find out how Kangana manages to maintain her slender frame and gain some inspiration from the same. She has cereals or porridge with egg white omelet in breakfast. Take a look at Kangana Ranaut’s fitness plan.

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  • Diet Plan


She begins her day with cereals and milk or porridge followed by an egg white omlete. For lunch, she prefers a home-cooked meal which includes dal, veggies, 2 chapattis and some rice. For mid -day snacking, she gorges on a fruit plate or an egg white sandwich made using brown bread and sips on protein shake every now and then. Moving on to her dinner, she has soup, boiled vegetables and grilled or baked chicken. Besides following a healthy diet, she believes in keeping herself hydrated all the time thus, drinks loads of water everyday. Unhealthy oily food isn’t an option which she considers. However, the actress’s weak point is pizza and feasts on it once in a while.

  • Exercise Routine


Monday: Strength Training

She does 20 minutes of fartlek running followed by squats and push-ups.

Tuesday: Stretching


She practices kick-boxing for 45 minutes and does body stretching exercises. She concludes her exercise with 20 minutes of hill-training.



Thursday: Abs and Lower Back

After a day’s rest, it’s time for the difficult tasks which involve 30 minutes of hurdle training and sprinting drills, 20 minutes abs workout followed by lower back exercises.

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Power yoga for 45 minutes

Meditation for 10 minutes


Turbulence training to build stamina and improve muscular endurance.



Follow Kangana’s health and fitness mantra to stay fit and look fabulous.

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