Celebrity Fitness: Ileana D’cruz’s Fitness Mantra

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Celebrity Fitness: Ileana D’cruz’s Fitness Mantra

The extremely pretty Ileana D’cruz who recently opened up about her fight against depression and body dismorphic disorder is one of the few actresses who has curves and has embraced them graciously. The actress used to be conscious of her weight and used to fret over it very often until she realised that the key to maintaining a good frame is to exercise, eat healthy and accept yourself the way you are. Let’s have a look at her fitness mantra and take some inspiration from the same.

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  • Diet


The actress is an absolute foodie and cannot resist food thus, she eats 5 meals in a day. The key to eating these meals is having measured proportions of food in every meal and space them out after every 2 hours. The actress believes in eating healthy 6 days of the week cheating on any single day. Cheat days are essential in order to keep the diet going. Fulfilling your cravings is required to satisfy your taste buds. Calorie food is also known to reduce stress and is the best comfort food. She has fruit juice, 2 poached eggs with 2 slices of brown bread for breakfast everyday. She eats 2 chapattis, chicken or fish with vegetable curry for lunch as well as dinner. Her mid-meal hunger pangs are fulfilled with dry fruits, green tea, fruits and vegetable juices.

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  • Workout Regime

Indian-Actress-Yoya-Stills-2ileana hot image doing yoga


The actress is not a gym freak at all. She believes in exercising out in the open which ensures the intake of fresh air that is good for the mind and body. She practices Yoga twice a week, goes for a run or swims four days in the week. She swims a total of 100 laps switching from backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly. While running, she switches between sprinting and jogging a regular intervals. The sudden burst of energy usage is effective in burning calories. Ileana has recently begun to indulge in pilates exercises which are efficient in controlling body movements as well as refreshing the mind. Thus, the actress likes to have a variety in her workout regime.

Go ahead and follow her fitness mantra to achieve a sexy and curvy body like Ileana.

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