Celebrity Fitness: Here’s How Parineeti Chopra Stays Fit

Celebrity Fitness: Here’s How Parineeti Chopra Stays Fit

Among all the celebrity fitness stories, Parineeti Chopra’s is the most shocking one. Not only did this bindass actress admit to being overweight, but openly talked about feeling unfit as well with all the excess weight! The reason why her weight loss journey hogged so much limelight.

Losing weight is never an easy task to achieve, but through her determination and dedication to workout continuously, she achieved her now toned figure. Parineeti has as well claimed fitness as her ongoing journey and till date strives hard to maintain her figure.

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Want to know how she got her curves right in place? Here are a few things we can take inspiration from her workout and diet routine.

  • Diet Plan

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It wasn’t easy for the actress to lose weight considering her love for food. The actress as well admitted to thinking about food all the time. So it required a lot of her mental strength to lose all the extra weight. She would usually begin her day with a good breakfast that includes brown bread with butter, 2 egg whites (no yolk), 1 glass of sugar-free milk and fruit juice occasionally. Later in the day, her lunch included brown rice with dal and roti, green salad and vegetables. She isn’t a fan of evening snacks so most of the days she tends to skip it. Her dinner usually includes low-fat foods with less oil, 1 glass of sugar-free milk and chocolate shake occasionally.

  • Workout Regime

Parineeti has maintained a proper workout regime along with her diet plan. Every day she begins her day with jogging for at least 10 minutes. According to her, meditation is a must for her and she does it everyday early morning for 15 to 20 minutes. She is a great believer of yoga and does it for an hour every day. Her workout includes running on the treadmill, cardio exercises, and strength training. When she has some free time, she usually likes to spend it dancing for 1 to 2 hours or doing activities like swimming, practicing kalarippayattu and horse riding.

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