Celebrity Fitness: Disha Patani’s Super Toned Physique Secrets

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Celebrity Fitness: Disha Patani’s Super Toned Physique Secrets

With her amazingly toned body and worth to watch beauty, no wonder why Disha Patani has stolen so many hearts. She is not only identified to be one of the talented Indian actress but has often acted as being one of the finest top model! She has all the capabilities to beat any Bollywood actress through her sexy body and stunning looks both onscreen and off screen. Because of she being a model as well, she has worked hard in the past to give her body that slim and perfect look. But she is still every conscious about her appearance and works out regularly to maintain the shape. Let’s have a look at her fitness regime and diet plan to take some inspiration from it.

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Workout Plan

Disha makes sure that she is attending the gym atleast 4 times in a week. She as well increases this duration if she feels that she has gained weight. In the gym she usually undertakes cardio exercises along with some light weight lifting training. Plus, she believes in yoga and does it every single day for atleast half an hour. If at any single day she is not able to attend gym, she makes sure to do the treadmill running atleast for one whole hour. Apart from workout, Disha loves dancing and considers it as an important component of her fitness routine.

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Diet Plan

Just like her fitness schedule, she gives her full attention to her diet plan as well. She makes sure she is eating healthy and adds food items that are rich in proteins and vitamins. She usually begins her day with a morning meal that includes 2-3 eggs with toast and a glass of milk. Sometimes she switches it with cereals and a glass of juice. For lunch she takes a bowl of fruit salad with a glass of juice and often has some almonds and peanuts for mid day snack. Disha likes to keep her dinner light and has a bowl of soup. Sometimes she has brown rice and dal.

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