Celebrity Fitness: Anushka Sharma’s Amazing Fitness Secrets

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Celebrity Fitness: Anushka Sharma’s Amazing Fitness Secrets

Anushka Sharma has established herself as one of the most versatile actresses of her times. Her brilliant acting skills, gorgeous personality and her bold attitude manages to win our hearts. It is hard to point out a flaw in this beauty. Not only is her confidence and acting on point but also her figure. Naturally slim, Sharma doesn’t need to do much to keep herself fit. However, she believes in exercising regularly and eating healthy to maintain herself. Let’s have a look at her fitness mantra.

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  • Exercise Routine


Although Sharma hates going to the gym, her profession requires her to resort to weight and strength training as well as cardio exercises at the gym that would help her maintain a perfect figure. Anushka Sharma swears by Yoga and cannot go a day without practicing it. She meditates twice a day as it helps her reduce stress and maintain her mental health. On the days, she doesn’t feel like exercising excessively, she goes for a jog and depends on dance workouts to burn calories. Not only does she dance to workout but also loves to dance. A true Bollywood star, isn’t she?


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  • Diet Plan

It goes without saying that a health conscious individual like her would strike out even an iota of junk from her diet. It’s a strict no-no to junk for Anushka Sharma. She begins her day with two egg whites and a glass of fresh fruit juice. She eats homemade dal, veggies and rotis for lunch. For evening snacks, she consumes a cheese toast sandwich. Her dinner consists of a bowl of fruits and protein bars. Lastly, she drinks a glass of milk before going to sleep at night. No wonder she looks so radiant and youthful!

Embrace Anushka Sharma’s fitness regime to achieve a svelte frame like her!

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