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Fashion Tips For Curvy Women

Your clothing tag spells a size 16 and upwards, and you have literally spent half your life in denims and…

11 months ago

Recipe For Making The Best Dum Biryani

All eyes light up when the word "Biryani" is mentioned! Put on your chef hat and your finest cooking utensils…

12 months ago

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Is The Perfectly Doting Aunt On Nephew Vihaan’s B’Day

We all know what a fiercely private person Aishwarya is, and likes to keep her family away from media glare…

12 months ago

Non-Veg Special: Badami Lamb Korma Recipe

Made of rich cream gravy, almond paste and yogurt; badami lamb korma is perfect recipe to enjoy on Sunday afternoons.…

12 months ago

Aishwarya Celebrates Her Late Father’s B’Day With A Noble Initiative

By now, we all know Aishwarya Rai Bachchan juggles multiple roles with elan - she is at the same time…

12 months ago

5 Winter Shrugs You Can Knit Yourself

Winter is here and it's the perfect time to put on knit shrugs! With the colder evenings, you eventually spend…

12 months ago

Why Has Rani Mukherji’s Latest Outing Invited The Wrath Of The Style Mafia?

Rani Mukherji taught an entire generation how to carry the shortest of dresses with aplomb and how to wear the…

1 year ago

In Pics: Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma Look So Much In Love

By now, we all know how Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are a couple much in love. Although the duo…

1 year ago

7 Lip Colours For Every Occasion

Here’s how to get maximum glamour for gorgeous lips

1 year ago

B’Day Special: 5 Amazing Facts About Virat Kohli You Probably Didn’t Know

Technique, flamboyance, attitude, aggression... Virat Kohli is about all this and more. No wonder he has come to be the…

1 year ago