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10 Bollywood Beauties Without Make-Up On

The photos of Bollywood's famous leading ladies without make-up might leave you speechless!!

1 year ago

The Celebrities Who Have Opted For Surrogacy

Let's have a look at these celebrities who chose surrogate mothers to have a child.

2 years ago

Guess Who’s This Star And Who’s Name Is On His Back!

A small hint from us to help you...the girl, who's name is tattooed oh his back is celebrating her birthday…

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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Shraddha Kapoor

You'd assume that you know everything about her, but that's what she wants you to think!

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Sunny Leone To Shake A Leg With This International Pop Star!

In order to make the forthcoming concert of the pop star more exciting makers have approached her!

2 years ago

6 Examples Of Lip Job Gone Wrong In Bollywood

Big lips are the trend in Bollywood, and it seems that the more famous these stars get, the more surgery…

2 years ago

Will Denzel Washington Be Able To Make It?

Three of the four categories stand to be won by black performers — a marked change after two years of…

2 years ago

Who Should Win The Academy Awards For Best Actress This Year?

This year’s Best Actor in a leading role female category at Academy Awards is quite a mix of good, talented…

2 years ago

Top 5 Rom-coms For Your Ultimate Valentine’s Day Experience

In case, going out to indulge in the Valentine mush is not your style, why not curl up on the…

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5 Female Celebrities Who Are More Successful Than Their Husbands

Believe it or not, these celebrity wives are actually earning more than their husbands!

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