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How To Sweeten Up Your Look In These 5 Ways

Not just insanely tasty, honey is a bona fide beauty aid in its own right. This sweet stuff can work…

2 years ago

9 Beauty Tricks For Brides-to-be

We provide a checklist for brides-to-be to follow for maximum radiance on D-Day.

2 years ago

Beauty Mistakes To Avoid And How

To err is human, but the sooner we learn to stop repeating beauty errors, the smoother our slide into beauty’s…

2 years ago


If you are bored of sporting your black eyeliner the traditional way, you are not alone. Ditch the old styles,…

3 years ago

Ditch The Rash

Hot and humid weather leads to perspiration, causing rashes. But here’s how you can treat these red itchy bumps.

3 years ago