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5 Make Up Looks To Get Prepped For Lohri Night

It’s time to gather round the bonfire, Lohri is here! Traditionally held on the day of the winter solstice (that’s…

10 months ago

5 Super Easy Ways To Fix Your Broken Makeup

Don't let a cracked eye shadow or shattered blush get you down. Just because it's broken into a million little…

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7 Beauty Benefits Of Rose Water

Rose Water is a staple in our beauty regime. It’s a great product and can be used in so many…

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How To Get Rid Of The Irritating Sun Tan Naturally

While avoiding a tan is impossible owing to our hot summers, removing one isn’t. And it can be done economically…

2 years ago

An Easy Guide To Don The No Make Up Look

It’s all about a fresh-faced glow and letting your natural beauty shine through.

2 years ago

8 Sneaky Ways To Create More Volume In Your Hair

Fake a fuller look with these foolproof volume-building tricks.

2 years ago

Things You Need To Check While Buying Make-up

Here are some basic beauty tips that can help you a lot for selecting your beauty products.

2 years ago

How To Oil Your Hair The Right Way

New Woman tells you the right way of oiling your hair for the optimum benefit.

2 years ago

5 Simple Manicure Techniques To Try At The Comfort Of Your Home

A fresh, beautifully done manicure helps you look clean and put together. But professional manicures can be expensive and time-consuming.Try…

2 years ago

10 Best Beauty Hacks You Never Knew Existed

Even those ladies who use cosmetics regularly are not aware of all the beauty secrets that are out there!

2 years ago