Why Can’t Shraddha Kapoor Use Her Cell Phone?

She is banned from using her mobile at the sets of her ongoing movie 'Haseena'. Read more to know the reason.

Why Can’t Shraddha Kapoor Use Her Cell Phone?




Shraddha Kapoor is currently shooting for Apoorva Lakhia’s Haseena, but she cannot carry her cell phone on the sets. No actor or actress (including the junior artistes) is allowed to carry their phones to the sets. They leave them behind in their cars or their make-up vans. Some actors are not even allowed to wear their watches on the sets to maintain the authenticity of the era.

Says a source from the sets, “Shraddha is currently shooting as the 45-year-old Haseena Parkar on the sets, but before that, they had shot for the ’70s era. A huge set has been constructed at Essel Studios to maintain the authenticity of that time. The whole film is predominantly set in Mumbai of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Old photos of the Nagpada area have been used as the reference to build the sets. The makers are so keen to capture the whole look and feel of the time that they had bought 300 fake watches for the junior artistes and Shraddha and her brother Siddhant, so they didn’t look out-of-turn. Also, while shooting the earlier scenes, it was noticed that some phones would stick out from trousers or shirts, spoiling the take. Hence, this decision was taken by the production team.”


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