How Can You Gorge In a Simple, Guilt Free Way

No elaborate meal plans here. All you need TO DO is add a few tweaks to some of your favourite indulgences, and save on the calories. Sonal Bhatia tells you how.

How Can You Gorge In a Simple, Guilt Free Way

At a time when the world is dominated by frozen foods, ready-to-eat options, it is easy to give in to temptations. Add to it long working hours, and multiple household chores at home, and it is easy to fall off the health radar, where healthy eating is concerned. We have a solution for you. Add an ingredient here and take away an ingredient there. Here’s how:

Parathas: Move over oil-soaked regular parathas for breakfast. Add methi, palak, last night’s leftover dal or subzi to the dough for a breakfast high on taste and health. Pair this with fresh homemade curd, and you can forget the other breads for a while.

Pancakes: Replace a regular fluffy pancake with fruit-based ones to increase its nutritional content. You can use banana, apple, strawberries or whichever fruit you like to your pancake batter.

Quesadillas: Replace the basic cheesy filling with that made of mashed beans, hummus, and a mixture of crunchy veggies such as cabbage, carrots, capsicum, etc.

Aloo tikki: Add paneer and peas to the aloo mixture to increase its nutritional value, and go low on the calories. Instead of frying it on the tawa, bake it in the microwave. This will cut the oil content significantly.

Burger: Make them better by replacing the white bread with the wholewheat version, and the aloo tikki burger inside with soybean and corn tikki.

Bread rolls: When it comes to bread rolls, sprouts can be added to level up its nutritional content.

Drink Wise: Glass size and serving sizes matter. Keep a track of the glass size when it comes to sodas, flavoured and extra-sweet mocktails. Keep it small so you can eat better when it comes to the full meal. Also, choose fresh fruit juices over colas and fizzy drinks if you must, to cut down on the sugar content.



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