Can You Find Out Real Leather Jackets From The Fake Ones?

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Can You Find Out Real Leather Jackets From The Fake Ones?

We all dream of owning a leather jacket or a pure black biker bomber. And some of us actually do have leather jackets and other clothes lying around in our closets. But the real question is how do you check if that leather jacket is actually genuine? Here are some tips for you to identify the right quality leather products in seconds!

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Pressure Test

The easiest way is to do the pressure test. Genuine leather sadly crushes and wrinkles easily. But fake or remade leather doesn’t. Even the slightest pressure on a real leather jacket will cause crinkles and get pulled. Real leather can get pulled but it doesn’t crack or tear easily. Genuine leather is said to stay durable for almost 10 years! Bending real leather creates creases but faux ones stay hard and rigid on touch.

Smell Test

Genuine leather doesn’t really smell like anything but fake leather clothes give off that plasticky and chemical filled odor. Smells stick easily to real leather than fake ones since they’re already covered and coated in Fake leather jackets also have artificial hair follicles that get ruined when pulled apart. Real leather smells natural and shines brighter than faux ones.

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Touch Test

When buying leather, it’s best to get a physical touch of the products. The feel and texture of leather products are very different from the visual. Even those little creases are important and help create your own style statement. The real leather feels smoother and softer. They are also good absorbers of water unline faux leather products where water droplets tend to slide off easily.

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