What To Buy, What Not To Buy This Dhanteras

Confused about Dhanteras' shopping? Here is a list to follow...

What To Buy, What Not To Buy This Dhanteras

The 5th of November marks the auspicious day of Dhanteras. Celebrated two days before the actual day of Diwali, Dhanteras is a day of spending ‘Dhan’ – money. It is said that buying certain auspicious things on this day can bring you prosperity. Here is a list of what to buy and what not to buy:

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What To Buy

  1. Utensils made up only of silver and/or brass. Keep them in East direction in your house.
  2. Brooms signify you are sweeping out negativity, poverty and misery out of your house.
  3. Electronics such as laptops, phones, refrigerators, ovens, etc. Keep them in North-East direction in your house.
  4. Any item related to your profession. Keep them at the alter during puja, especially during Laxmi puja.
  5. Gold coins; they bring in prosperity.
  6. Lightings; they bring in light, clarity, happiness, etc.
  7. Books; they bring in knowledge, wisdom and prosperity.
  8. Gomit Chakras; said to be bought in a set of 11. They are known to fight off evil from your home and family.
  9. Coriander leaves and/or seeds are known to be very auspicious.
  10. Cosmetics for women.

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What Not To Buy

  1. Mirrors; they are said to be directly related to Rahu (one of the nine major astronomical bodies – navagrahas – known to cause ill-effects).
  2. Sharp items such as knives, scissors, forks, etc.
  3. Aluminium utensils or any other products.
  4. Anything of black colour; this colour is considered inauspicious on auspicious days.
  5. Oil, ghee, etc.
  6. Imitation jewellery. 

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