Busting Sex Myths

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Busting Sex Myths

We all crave for wonderful sex that would blow our minds off and give us an out of the world feeling. In a quest to accomplish the above, we end up going to extremes and falling prey to a few myths about sex that should be got rid of once and for all. Here are a few of them.

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  • Myth 1: Great sex is natural

You have seen your favourite co-stars hit it off immediately in the movies and you feel, ‘wow, mind-blowing sex is so natural’. Well, it isn’t that easy, babe. Every individual has different needs and fetishes and what pleases one partner may not be that exciting for the other. There is only one thing that actually leads to great sex and that is communication. Back this up with willingness and great sex will then be a given.

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  • Myth 2: Size matters

Throw this phrase out of the windows and the doors immediately. We have been fed on a steady diet of how maximum sexual pleasure can only be determined by the size of your partner’s manhood. But that is not true! True sexual enthusiasm far outweighs any gifted parts. So stop cribbing and crying over inches and numbers and simply enjoy.

  • Myth 3: Earth-shattering orgasm = Good sex

Some women do get an orgasm, while some don’t. This is a universal truth. One woman’s pelvic muscles may not contract much as another woman’s, but they do feel content. So the next time you feel he hasn’t ‘rocked’ your world, don’t panic. You are as normal as you can be and yes, you still did have great sex.

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