Busted: 5 Weight-Loss Myths

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Busted: 5 Weight-Loss Myths

In an attempt to lose weight, people do anything and everything possible to catalyse the process. However, this may not always end up in a good way. Crash dieting, supplement intake and many more things are a huge part of the weight-loss regime but they need to be practiced or used in the right manner. Incorrect methods may cause more harm to the body than any good. Here are 5 busted weight-loss myths that you need to know about and not fall prey to.

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  • Supplements render to weight-loss

The weight-loss industry gets much of its money from the sale of weight-loss supplements. The truth behind the effectiveness of supplements is the placebo effect. When individuals take supplements, they become conscious eaters and resort to a daily exercise routine too. Thus, it’s more of a psychological benefit than a result of supplement intake.

  • Carbohydrates cause weight-gain

No, they don’t! Low-carb diets do aid in losing weight but that does not mean that consuming carbs makes you fat. Yes, they are of no help in losing weight but neither do contribute to any form of weight gain.

  • Fat makes you fat

The association of fat with growing fat is completely justified as most of the junk food contains high amounts of calories which lead one to gain weight. What people do not know is that fat is healthy for the body if stored in the right amounts. It’s the calories which need to be burned.

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  • Breakfast should be an indispensable part of a weight-loss program

A recent study revealed that breakfast consumption does not make a difference in your weight. People who eat breakfast tend to be early risers and may be following an overall healthy lifestyle which would be the main reason for their fitness and not eating breakfast. However, eating in the morning always proves to be beneficial as it keeps you going and keeps fatigue away.

  • Weight-Loss is possible without exercise

It maybe possible without exercising but wouldn’t qualify as the healthiest form of weight-loss. Eating less, taking supplements and using sauna belts aren’t the correct way to lose weight. An hour-long routine of daily exercise is needed by the body. It enhances your respiratory system as well.

Hence, it’s important to take the right road leading to weight-loss.

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