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BUSTED: 5 Popular Myths About Your Metabolism

We must exercise and eat healthily but there’s another factor that we need to keep in mind before we start all this. Your body’s capacity to actually digest and process this food is all based on your metabolism. The faster your metabolism works, the quicker your food gets digested and keeps you looking and feeling healthy. But there are pros and cons of everything. Here are some common myths on your boy’s metabolism rates that will leave you shocked and hopefully well aware.

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It Slows Down At Night

Untrue. As much as we think metabolism ends up slowing down during the night since we’re only going to sleep, its a myth. It all depends on how much activity you do before bed such as sex, yoga or a workout, how your brain thinks and what you eat for dinner. So eating junk food right before bed is a bad idea since your body won’t be able to process it easily.

Superfoods give you Super Metabolism

Admittedly superfoods have a lot of healthy properties and do help in boosting your metabolism. But not at shocking levels. Eating any particular superfood in excess can do more damage than good to your body. The best way to manage your weight is to exercise regularly while still eating the right amount of nutrients and vitamins needed by your body. Metabolism works on both what and how much you eat.

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No Control On Metabolism

Although the body needs all kinds of vitamins and nutrients, your body needs magnesium to process and work your metabolism. But magnesium is not easily available in foods or easily absorbed by our blood. You can find magnesium powders that can be added to water or opt for leafy vegetables such as spinach, seeds, bananas, avocados etc.

Detox Helps Restore Your Metabolism

Detox diets sadly don’t help much in resetting your metabolism levels. Diets and cleansing sessions are meant to help cleanse your body but it also cuts down on your body mass. So the more muscle you lose, the slower your metabolism works once you’re done with your detox phase. So detox will actually end up making you gain more weight.

Metabolism is Hereditary

Probably the most ridiculous myth is that metabolism is hereditary. Just because your father or mother have a slow metabolism rate doesn’t mean you’ll end up with one too. Everyone’s body is made differently and there are several factors that influence your metabolism rate. From a dynamic lifestyle to our eating habits and exercise, levels shape our metabolism rates. Not your genes.

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