Broccoli and Chilli Risotto

Broccoli and Chilli Risotto


80 gms risotto rice risotto

20 gms onions

15 gms garlic

10 ml olive oil

40 ml cream

20 gms parmesan cheese

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70 ml tomato sauce

50 gms broccoli

250 gms vegetable stock

2 gms parsley

5 gms  pepper

10 gms salt

30 ml white wine

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Add the Arborio rice and mix well.Sauté the diced onion in half the olive oil over medium heat. Add about ¾ of the vegetable stock, one ladle at a time until the stock is absorbed by the rice. Continue this process until the rice is approximately halfway cooked. Place the rice on a plate and keep in the refrigerator until final cooking. When you are ready to eat, blanch broccoli, cut in half and sauté with the remaining olive oil. Season to taste with some of the salt and pepper. Add the half cooked rice to the broccoli in the pan and mix well with tomato sauce and cream. Little by little ladle the remaining stock to the rice and continue stirring until the rice is almost cooked. Add the cold butter in pieces as well as the parmesan cheese. Then add the white wine and chopped parsley and continue to stir for a few seconds. The rice should not be mushy. Briefly, sauté the rocket leaves with the remaining olive oil and season to taste with salt and pepper. Pour the risotto into a pre-heated pasta bowl,  sprinkle parmesan cheese, and 2-3 drops of olive oil, on top and serve immediately.

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