How to bring back the lost magic in your sex life after pregnancy

Sex after the baby can turn out to be plain and boring for quite a few. But with time and the right ways, you can bring back magic to your sex-life post pregnancy.

How to bring back the lost magic in your sex life after pregnancy

Patience is the key

If your doctor gives you a thumbs up for sex and you don’t feel like, then it’s okay to go slow and steady. You can speak to your partner about your concerns and say yes to sex when you are ready for it!

Set low expectations

It is crucial to understand that your sex life will take time to get back to what it was. Therefore, it would be best to not set high expectations at the beginning and get yourself under immense pressure.

Speak up if it hurts

If you feel uncomfortable and hurt at any given point of time during sex, convey it your partner and let him know. You do not feel guilty to stop and say if you feel hurt.

Get creative

It’s time to think out of the box and have sex as and when you get the best time and position. For instance, you may need to creatively sneak in sex during nap times, or have sex other than in the bedroom if that is where your baby sleeps.

Stop criticizing yourself

Often post-pregnancy, women go hard on themselves when it comes to their body shape and size. Well, you shouldn’t expect your body to look exactly like it did before you had a baby if your little one is only 6 weeks old. It’s time to go easy on yourself.

Understand it will get better

This might be the most important tip. Keeping open lines of communication mixed in with some humor and spontaneity can really help you keep things in perspective.


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