Bridal Special: The Best Chooda Looks On Pinterest

Bridal Special: The Best Chooda Looks On Pinterest

Whether they are gold bangles worn by South Indian brides, green glass bangles adorning a Maharashtrian bride’s hands, ivory shakha pola of a Bengali bride or a gorgeous diamond bracelet or an elegant cuff, bare wrists of a bride are unimaginable.

The chooda ceremony is an integral part of a Punjabi wedding. The chooda ceremony is like a beautiful blend of joy and sorrow as it marks the beginning of the bride entering a new phase of her life and, at the same time, she will have to leave her family behind.

Here are some chooda looks that will leave you inspired.

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Traditionally, a pooja or a havan is conducted as a part of the ceremony. The chooda is ‘cleansed’ in milk. The bride does not get to see the chooda until it is time for the wedding ceremony. So, a cloth covers it and, in some cases, the bride is blindfolded while the bangles are slipped on her wrists.

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The bride’s maternal uncle and aunt play a significant role in this ceremony as they bring the red and ivory bangles. The chooda is associated with fertility and prosperity and is worn year long by the bride or a minimum of 40 days after the wedding.

Thanks to the millennials, sporting the red and ivory choodas on casual outfits during their honeymoon trip, choodas now not only symbolises being married but also has become a style statement of a newly wedded woman.

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