How to Break Up With Someone You Love

How to Break Up With Someone You Love

Ending a relationship is painful, especially so when you’re still in love with them. It’s confusing and tricky and you never really know what to say or how your soon-to-be-ex is going to react. There’s one thing you need to understand before you break up with someone you love, and that’s never to end a relationship like a coward.

The real way to end a relationship

If you’ve given up all hope of staying happy in love even though you love your partner, and are ready to end the relationship, here are 8 steps you need to follow to end a relationship the right way.

#1 Don’t avoid your partner before breaking up.

Most lovers who want to end a relationship try to avoid their partner and distance themselves with silly excuses. Understand that your partner deserves to know what’s going on in your mind and has every right to know the truth about your feelings.

#2 Remember the reasons.

This can seem childish, but make a list of all the reasons why you want to break up with the one you love. It will give you the strength to stick with your decision even if a few days pass since your last argument.

#3 Having the conversation.

Call your partner and tell them you need to talk about something important. Don’t elaborate on what the discussion is about, but make it clear that you want to talk about the relationship. Speaking over the phone seems so much easier, but it’s insulting to the relationship.

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#4 Don’t throw accusations.

A break up can be one sided or mutual, but there’s no reason for either of you to throw accusations at each other. It’s an easier way to get straight to the point, but it will not end in a good way nor will it iron your conflicts away.

#5 Explain the reasons.

It may hurt, but at least you’ll be able to tell your partner how you feel. Explain the real reason behind why you want to end the relationship, but try not to infuriate your partner by bringing up touchy issues. You’re trying to break up with the one you love, and you should learn to do it gracefully without picking faults.

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#6 Walking out of the relationship.

Once you’ve patiently explained the reasons in a calm voice, and both of you have decided to end the relationship, you need to walk out of the relationship without bearing any ill will towards each other. Decide whether you want to stay as friends or whether you’d like to avoid each other for a while until the wounds can heal. In either case, staying as friends would only feel more painful, so I’d suggest you give each other some space, at least for a few months.

#7 Final goodbyes.

You may now know how to break up with the one you love, but there are still a few tricky issues like having sex for the last time or the last special kiss. Avoid getting physical for the last time, it’s just pointless and can lead to confusing affairs.

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