Breaking Myths About Love!

Breaking Myths About Love!

From the time girls are little babies, they are absorbed with the idea of a ‘Prince charming’ or ‘Knight in shining armour’, who will come into their life and sweep them off the ground. Do such love stories really exist? Many a time, we live in our own sweet bubble of how our life should be. But when the bubble pops, we are left in terrible pain and agony. No, we don’t say one shouldn’t believe in fairytales and fantasies. But it is important to do a reality check and draw a line when it comes to real life. Only then do you experience peace and undiluted happiness from within.

Myth 1: ‘Love at first sight’

Myths About Love

However fancy it may sound to fall head over heels in love with a man you just met five minutes ago, in reality, however, it somehow doesn’t work. Yes, you can get attracted to a man you just met, but thinking that he is ‘the one’ for you is a far-fetched dream! Love, at first sight, is a myth that has been imposed on us, thanks to the age-old fairytales. In reality, however, people fall in love with the personality as opposed to looks. So it’s perfectly alright if your heart doesn’t go aflutter when you see him at the corner of a bar. Perhaps, you have to strike a conversation to really like him!

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Myth 2: ‘Tall dark and handsome man’

Love Myths

Girls tend to picture their dream man in some way or the other, and a lot many actually keep searching for that ‘perfect’ one. The ‘tall dark and handsome’ syndrome has been etched in our minds, forever, but it is completely unfair to expect all this from your man. At some point, you need to realise that perfection is only a myth. Your man could be simple and decent, and not a clone of your favourite hero. But it’s fine as long as you both love each other. So, stop looking out for a certain Fitzwilliam Darcy. For all you know, the one who just passed by you might be the best one for you.

Myth 3: ‘Cruel parents’


Just because Cinderella’s cruel stepmother made her life a living hell, doesn’t mean you should think of your parents in the same way, when you’re in love. Your parents may not have approved of your man for reasons known to them. That doesn’t make them cruel. No doubt you are an adult, but they have nurtured and loved you from the time you were born. It’s natural for them to be concerned about you and want the best for you, especially when it comes to choosing your life partner. It would be great if your man met their expectations. If not, there’s nothing that you can’t convince our parents of, when you approach them with love and confidence. Introduce your guy to them. Let them get to know him. Once they accept him, you’ll probably have to edge him out for their affection. This way, your love story will have their blessings.

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Myth 4: ‘A vicious villain’

Myths About Love

Many women fantasise that their man will come and save them from the clutches of the nasty villain and free her from all the atrocities of life. The truth is, unlike movies, there are no vicious villains in real life. It is absolutely normal to have a steady and happy relationship without anyone coming and disrupting the harmony of you and your lover. In reality, no one has the time to plot and fix nasty and troublesome situations. Hence, allow the villains to stay right where they are—in the books!

Myth 5: ‘Living happily ever after’

unique fairytale

It is incorrect to think that once you get married to the man you love; you will live happily ever after! Every relationship has its ups and downs and the problems, if any, need to be dealt with practically. For a marriage to work, both the man and the woman need to work towards it. Every couple has their fair share of magical moments as well as ugly spats. But that doesn’t take away the love between them. Understanding each other and making adjustments for each other are a part of all relationships. Giving takes love stories to another level altogether. So believe in your love story and it will soon be your own unique fairytale!

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