Boost Your Energy Level With This 5-Minute Meditation Routine

Imagine having a peaceful state of mind every day. Just sit with that thought for a second. Sounds good?

Boost Your Energy Level With This 5-Minute Meditation Routine

Meditation has been practised by monks, yogis, and sages for thousands of years. Yes, the monks, yogis, and sages were most likely meditating for longer than five minutes, but by starting with a short amount of time you’ll find far fewer excuses as to why you can’t meditate. Everyone can carve out five minutes in a day.

Breathing Is Most Important

Today, for the first minute or two, settle into your breathing and your observer stance. Notice your energy level today and how it affects your posture and your mood. Then, as you’re noticing the breath, visualise taking in energy. Visualise your breath as pure energy coming into the cells, oxygenating the cells; see it as the fuel that drives the cellular process that creates energy in our bodies. Then, on each exhale, visualise letting go of fatigue, dullness, or anything that weighs you down mentally or physically.

Start With Five Minutes

Start with five minutes of daily meditation to establish a routine. For the most benefit, add a few minutes each day until you reach at least twelve minutes. When meditation becomes habitual, you may find yourself craving these longer amounts of time. However, if five minutes is all the time you have each day, then stick with that. It is more beneficial to do five minutes daily than longer amounts of time occasionally.

Listen to Stimulating Music 

Wherever you are, you are constantly receiving vibrational energy in the form of sound. These sounds, depending on their frequency, tempo, and rhythm can either relax and soothe your mind-body system or enliven and energise it. Imagine the way your body and mind react to the sound of softly lapping waves on a quiet beach. Contrast that to the way you respond to the cadence of a marching band during a football halftime show.


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