6 Bollywood Actresses Who Dared To Bare Without Any Makeup

Sometimes your skin needs a break too!

6 Bollywood Actresses Who Dared To Bare Without Any Makeup

A celebrity’s life is full of glamour and glitz, where they’re always expected to wear their finest clothes and have a flawless face full of makeup. However, they’re just like all of us once all of that is taken off and seeing them so “normal” can be surprising to some of us! Here are a few celebrities who dared to bare their makeup-free faces in public.

1) Alia Bhatt


Alia is blessed with a flawless complexion, which doesn’t even require makeup! Without any eyeshadow and lipstick, Alia looks much younger than she really is!

2) Anushka Sharma


Anushka is undoubtedly beautiful, with or without makeup! We love seeing Anushka’s bare face as she still looks fresh as a flower and completely flawless.

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3) Katrina Kaif


Katrina looks just like all of us without makeup! Still very beautiful but in a natural way, wouldn’t you agree?

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4) Priyanka Chopra


The Baywatch star has long, fleeting journies from India to the US and often goes makeup free during these hours. Despite her busy schedule which could take a toll on her skin, she looks absolutely flawless!

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5) Shraddha Kapoor


Except for some dark circles, Shraddha does look absolutely radiant and doesn’t fear to step out while hiding anything!

6) Sonakshi Sinha


The Dabangg actress still glows without her makeup on, as is evident from this picture. With or without makeup, Sonakshi’s smile doesn’t seem to differ!

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