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Blouse Design Ideas Straight From B-Town

Wedding season is back! Time to bring out the traditional outfits and style them up. Bollywood has showcased a variety of new looks recently. From sarees to lehengas, in every design and color possible. An essential in every woman’s wardrobe is a good blouse. And by that we mean, a unique design that makes you look stunning at every occasion. Be it in cotton, linen or velvet material below are the trending blouse styles from this year

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  • Blingy Blouses

Delicate work, gems, embroidery and every kind of shiny stone can be added on to the outfit. Maybe even all of it? Go for a blingy studded blouse teamed with a monochrome saree to glam up your style. Minimal accessories will highlight your blouse. You’ll be shining like a diamond all the time in this blouse!

  • Only High Collars


Somedays, it’s time to be ladylike just like Deepika Padukone. The actress shows off her collared blouses in these ‘Nehru’ collared blouses all the time. High collared blouses give that air of subtle authority. The blouses highlight your neck making you look like royalty.

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  • Backless Beauty

The Princess of Indian wear, actress Sonam Kapoor easily manages to add her own touch to any outfit. From belts on sarees to backless blouses, she can pull any style with no efforts. Her embellished blouse with almost no back is an all-time favorite style.

  • Strap It On!

Be it any size, spaghetti-thin numbers to strong wide straps, all we can say is they’re back in fashion. Go for a sleeveless look with strap blouses. Kareena Kapoor Khan is known for her bold choices. The actress likes to show off her toned arms in these strap blouses whenever she steps out for occasions. If you’re bold enough, color contrast the straps to your blouse and look different. We bet you’ll be the talk of the town!

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