Celebrity Fitness: Bipasha Basu’s Fitness Regime

This Bengali beauty has her fitness game on point!

Celebrity Fitness: Bipasha Basu’s Fitness Regime

Bipasha Basu is a complete fitness freak and she has constantly made that evident through her social media posts, pictures and even when it came to selecting her better half, Karan Singh Grover who is equally dedicated to his health and fitness. More often than not, we see pictures and videos of the duo exercising in the gym and motivating one another. Infact, both of them are very active in spreading the importance of keeping fit through their Instagram accounts. Let’s take a look at Bipasha Basu’s fitness regime.

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  • Diet


The dusky beauty starts off her morning with a glass of lime water and six egg whites. She accompanies it with mushroom and toast as well as porridge and milk. At 11 she has an apple, almonds and a cup of tea. She believes that a king size breakfast is a must to keep you going for the rest of the day. For lunch she eats a green salad, dal, grilled fish or chicken, vegetables and 2 soy chapattis. Her dinner comprises vegetables prepared in olive oil, green salad, grilled fish or chicken and lastly, a sweet dish to satisfy her Bengali sweet tooth.

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  • Exercise


Apart from her precise diet plan, what is the secret to Bipasha’s flawless body? It goes without saying that a daily workout regime is necessary to achieve those perfect cuts and curves. She exercises in the morning. She is a gym freak but also believes in practising yoga as it helps enhancing her concentration levels. Meditation is necessary for the stability of the mind. She does 108 suryanamaskars everyday and does plenty of cardio workout. Her exercise routine lasts for 2 hours per day which combines yoga and cardio exercises. Furthermore, when she is too tired to follow a hardcore workout regime, she does not dispense with her exercise but opts to swim or take a jog which also help in burning a substantial amount of calories.


The dimpled beauty also exercises twice a day after returning from vacations where she tends to indulge in a bit of junk. She does pilates, lifts weights and follows an intense workout session. Dedicated to keep herself toned, Bipasha worships the idea of having a fit physique. It helps one stay healthy and away from illnesses. May it be a man or a woman, it is important to stay strong. Bipasha has released several books as well as training videos on health and fitness. It comprises workout sessions and information on correct nutrition as well as diet plans. All this makes her the perfect promoter of health and fitness as well as tips for weight loss. Follow her footsteps and you’re sure to attain a gorgeous body in no time. Go ahead, sweat it out!

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