The best tip you can give yourself is to start loving what you see in the mirror: Kajol

Kajol’s infectious energy, vivacious laughter and incessant chatter can cheer up even the most sombre of situations. Manasi Tahalani came away enamoured by the actor’s candid demeanour.

The best tip you can give yourself is to start loving what you see in the mirror: Kajol

Known to be unconventional, be it with her career choices, her style outings, or her outspoken nature, Kajol has remained Bollywood’s darling for as long as we can remember. While her character Simran from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge will always remain our favourite, her two comeback outings, one in Fanaa, and the other in Dilwale, too, blew us away. Amidst all the media scrutiny, the pressure to be on the top, look picture-perfect at all times, Kajol has always held her ground and never tried to fit in even once. No wonder, we love her for herself, minus filters of any kind.

Style check
When we quiz her about the constant media scrutiny on her fashion looks, she says, “Yes, I look at the news and do pay attention to it and I feel sad about paying attention to it. But at the end of the day, I can’t give so much importance to the fashion police and their take on my fashion looks. If I do, I would go mad thinking about it. I only consider it as a source of information which makes me aware, and that’s it.” So, we ask her the secret to looking flawless and confident at all times. “The best tip you can give yourself is to start loving what you see in the mirror; everything else will follow. The moment you start seeing yourself in the mirror and saying, ‘Oh My God, I am gorgeous and look stunning today’, you will start feeling that way. This is what I follow in my daily life. As they say, you have to start by saying it, and eventually you will land up believing it,” she says with a broad smile. All in the journey The dynamic actor has seen a host of hits and flops in her two-decade career, but it didn’t quite dampen her spirit. In fact, she has only grown to be a better and a finer actor, and a better person. “I have had my share of difficulties and fears and have dealt with it by acknowledging it, as there is no point in brooding about it. Today, when I look back, one thing that I see is that I have worked very hard to be where I am today and to talk about my struggles and success. It’s one of my strengths that I have the ability to work hard and I appreciate this quality about myself. I enjoy working hard and I have done this all my life at every aspect and stage, whether it is at a personal or professional level, family or myself,” she says with great pride in her voice.

On fashion trends: I do believe that I know what looks good on me, regardless of whether it is in season or not.
5 must-have products: Cheese (laughs)… I just love cheese. Other than that, lip-balm, a kajal pencil and pink lipstick. I need to have a nice lip-balm and therefore, I keep at least two-three flavours.
Your workout regime: I love working out and it’s a part of my life. I do a lot of cardio and walking.
Your style statement: If you can’t convince them, then confuse them.
Your favourite designer: Manish Malhotra.
Your best looks: I love sarees, they are fantastic and classic that look good on me.

Like mother, like daughter
Kajol’s daughter is turning out to be just like her mother— beautiful and elegant. So, we ask if Nysa takes equal interest in how she looks and if she takes beauty or skin-related tips from her mother. “Nysa is turning out to be just like any other 13-year-old teenage girl and is very much interested in everything. She keeps saying I want to buy this beauty product and that, but I stick to one sentence, ‘I am not going to buy any of that for you’,” she signs off with a wholehearted laugh.


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