Best Friends With Your Boss? know These 5 Simple dos and don’ts

Here's how you can successfully manage a friendship with your boss.

Best Friends With Your Boss? know These 5 Simple dos and don’ts

Do be inclusive: Just because you and your boss (or your new BFF) work together, doesn’t mean that’s what you have to talk about when you’re outside of the office. None of your other friends will care about the new product feature that your company just launched, so don’t bore them with the details.

Do create a positive relationship: In terms of your relationship, boss should always come before friend in the workplace. It’s a great situation to get along with your boss that well, and you don’t want to do anything to compromise that.

Don’t gossip: There’s nothing more harmful than gossiping or talking poorly about the people you work with. Sometimes it happens, but make sure you vent to people that you don’t work with. And never gossip with your boss.

Do keep things professional: This means no sex or drug benders with your boss. Grab dinner, have a cocktail, try a buzzy workout class, or attend an industry event—just avoid activities that your mum might deem “unprofessional.” Translation: Don’t get hammered.

Do be mindful of what you post on social media: If you’re Facebook friends or follow each other on Snapchat, think twice about posting that karaoke pic in the wee hours of Sunday morning—unless you want her to know exactly why you’re nodding off at Monday’s staff meeting.

Don’t complain about your job: You’ve got a great boss who you’re friends with, so how bad can your job really be? Keep the complaining to a minimum. Not only is it unprofessional, but it can also come across as majorly ungrateful. If there is a serious issue you need to discuss, don’t do it over drinks—address it professionally during work hours.

Do expect to be treated like everyone else: Befriending your boss isn’t going to get you a fast track to the top. Your actions need to speak for themselves. Your bestie boss will no doubt have your back in sticky situations, but she needs to be able to draw upon solid examples to justify doing so.



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