These Are The Best Foods To Eat Before Working Out

Eat these ultimate workout foods for a better workout and better results.

These Are The Best Foods To Eat Before Working Out

For a standard hour-long workout — lifting, running, cycling, you need to make sure you have a combination of carbs and protein to provide a stream of energy during strenuous exercise and nutrients to repair muscle afterwards.

1. Bananas

Bananas are very rich in fast-acting carbohydrates that will provide you with usable fuel for a workout, and the supply of potassium aids in maintaining muscle and nerve function. To people who like to work out first thing in the morning and typically skip eating before, have a banana before, and then eat breakfast within a half hour at the least afterwards to provide essential protein for muscle building and repair.

2. Oats 

Oats are packed with fibre, which facilitates a steady release of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, and therefore a steady energy supply throughout your workout.

3. Caffeine 

Caffeine has been shown to help regular drinkers enjoy a workout more by generating energy, as well as to slow fatigue and increase the rate of fat burn. Add a couple shots of espresso to your pre-workout shake in the morning to pump yourself up.

4. Fruit Smoothies 

Fruit smoothies are an awesome pre-workout snack because they have high-quality protein, can be rapidly digested, and have the key combination of simple and complex carbohydrates. Together, these provide a steady stream of energy throughout a standard workout.

5. Chickpeas

6. Egg Whites

The fat in egg yolks is metabolised slowly and therefore is likely to make you feel bloated and sluggish during your workout, so egg whites are a much better pre-workout option. A single egg white provides around 4 gms of protein and no fat.

7. Dried Fruit


This is a great option if you only have a few minutes before your workout because it’s so light, so the simple carbs will provide you instant energy without weighing you down. A few recommendations for dried fruits to eat are dried berries, apricots, and pineapple. Shoot for around a quarter cup.

8. Chicken Breast and Brown Rice

If you are working out after lunch or dinner, you want to eat something that will sit well, provide you with a good deal of usable fuel, and have minimal fat. The complex carbohydrates in brown rice help sustain energy production while chicken or tofu will provide protein for muscle repair after your workout. If you prefer, you can substitute brown rice with sweet potatoes, quinoa, or other whole grains/starchy vegetables. You definitely should avoid rich foods that will take longer to digest and likely make you uncomfortable while exercising.


For people trying to tone and lose fat, “there is a myth that by not eating, they are going to go into further deficit and lose more fat. In reality, their bodies may shut down and not lose anything,” said Villacorta.


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