The Belt Style All Fashionistas Are Loving RN

The Belt Style All Fashionistas Are Loving RN

Your belt can do so much more than just a skinny strip of material, lying around in your wardrobe. It adds color, texture, and interest to an otherwise simple ensemble! The right type of belt will also cinch and define your waist, adding the appearance of curves.

Like anything else, belts too come and go with the seasons. But what’s filling up the Instagram feed these days is a style straight off the runway,i.e. the ultra long belt. Want to know more about this flattering trend? Read on to know how you too can rock this trend.

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1. Long Belt and Pants

Long Belt and Pants

Long belts work well with almost all types of pants. To make the look trendiest pair it with some wide leg pants, to let if hang down the along side of the belt. You can as well replace the long belt craze with a classic leather belt. Or go edgier with a shoelace belt!

2. Long Belt and Dress

Long Belt and Dress


When wearing a dress, place a long belt above your hips at your natural waist. Since this is the slimmest area of your torso, positioning the belt there will make the biggest style impact. Try a long leather belt for a sophisticated look that will flatter your figure.

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3. Long Belt and Jacket

Long Belt and Jacket

Belting your jacket will help you define your figure under multiple layers. It will as well help to break up the solid block of color. To make your belt really stand out, opt for a texturized or patterned belt. The D-ring style cloth belts work well for coats too, as they’re flexible and can be easily adjusted for comfort.

4. Long Belt and Skirts

Long Belt and Skirts

Just like your dresses, a long belt can be paired with a skirt too. Long belts will enhance the look of your skirts while adding a pop of color or texture to your ensemble.

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