Beauty Resolutions You Must Take Seriously In 2019

Beauty Resolutions You Must Take Seriously In 2019

New year is knocking at the door and it is time to make our beauty resolutions to improve ourselves. Don’t make it a year of broken promises. Just love yourself and don’t forget to thank 2018.

Be perfectly imperfect

It is all about being beautifully flawed. Accept your imperfect look and validate your own self-worth. Gift yourself some imperfection and stop being your worst critic. The latest trend is all about letting your scars, freckles, and pimples show. Don’t cake yourself up with layers and layers of foundation. Let your skin breath. Minimalism is the key.

Ditch contouring

Ditch contouring

It is going to be a grand exit of the heavy contours. For the skin, a sheer, fresh skin texture continues to be in. Go for a healthy, radiant look, with a flawless finish. Contouring seems to be out and the monochrome look will be trendy. The prediction is that glowing skin, created with highlighters, will be in. Leave out the glitter where highlighting is concerned, but use the highlighter on the high points of the face. Go for a neutral and natural blush, to emphasize the highlighted areas of the face. Bronze and pink blush for cheeks are expected to catch on. The effort should be to achieve a balance between the glow and the matte areas, to make it look natural. Smooth, glowing skin with bold eyes and lips are ruling the trends.

Time to be experimental

2019 is all about celebrating colour. No trend is complete without a bit of experiment and adventure. Try out bold coloured liners and eyeshadows. The runways rocked hues of blues, greens, pinks, and whites and it’s time you do that too. It’s fun to go adventurous about the eye make-up. All things sparkly, shimmery and shiny are in. Glittery eyelids, stick-on gems, jewels and rhinestones are in and 2019 is all about sparkle.  Neon eye shadow trend will be in with white kohl in their waterline and fluttery lashes. Yellow, green and turquoise eyeshadow will be big in 2019 with flawless ‘baby skin’. Smokey and glittery eyes is going to be the talk of New Year.

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Less is more

Since the approaching year will all about keeping it classy so stay true to your own style. ‘Less is more’ is going to be the mantra for 2019. Nothing is classier than enhancing and flaunting one’s own style. Take care of your skin and style yourself as per the occasion keeping in mind your body type, likes and dislikes and preferences and you will be just fine. Well-groomed brows, clean skin and a tight liner are all that you need to make you look polished and chic. Beautifully prepped skin provides the best canvas for minimalistic makeup that makes the skin look fresh and healthy with a subtle glow.

Say yes to lip gloss

lip gloss

Lip gloss can give a shine and youth to your face which no lipstick can match up to. Though matt lips had been ruling the trends, glossy lips will become very much in. Lip gloss is back in a big way. The dramatic red for lips will continue to be in and the dark gothic or oxblood look will give way to shades like berry or burgundy. Lush, glossy lips will be in. Burgundy is a colour that will be in along with browns, like burnt sienna. At the same time, the bare, neutral look may also rule trends, with glowing healthy skin and light pink lips.

Colour palette

Experiment with colours wisely. Add shiny lip gloss and eye shadow that will brighten up your spirit. When we talk about the makeup and the colours in it, there is no particular one palette or shade that would be in trend. It is the occasion and the look that you are aiming for, which will decide the whole colour palette.

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Eye spy

Kohl and mascara

Kohl and mascara for your eyes would never go out of style. 2019 is going to be all about eyes. Make them your best friends in 2019 as well to highlight your eyes and still keep a natural look about them. A bit of skill could go a long way in perfecting those graphic eyeliners. Sport the cat eyeliners, the round winged liner, the wicked liner with a nude glossy lip and a clean base for that extra oomph.

Bold Brows

With the ’90s making a comeback it’s all about the big and bold brows. 2019 is going to be all about the brows being highlighted. “Brows are one of the most prominent and strong features on the face. Well groomed, brushed up and filled brows can simply lift the entire face and make it look more attractive.

Make good use of an eyebrow pencil for thick and natural looking brows that define your face. Brows have come and gone over the last century. But the trend now and for the coming year is bushy and bold and it is here to stay for long because of its natural, yet powerful look.

Highlighting the face

Highlighting the face

Highlighting is the new contouring. With a fresh face comes the moist dewy shiny look. From your cheekbones, nose, forehead to the inner corners of the eye, add the glow wherever you can. All the makeup trends for the coming year point to a more natural, feminine, and soft look where the focus would lie on highlighting the natural features and enhancing the positives of the face. Also, the way you would be doing your makeup will largely depend on the occasion and the look you are aiming for.

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