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Beauty Mistakes To Avoid And How

To err is human, but the sooner we learn to stop repeating beauty errors, the smoother our slide into beauty’s wonderland will be. New Woman has rounded up a few oft-repeated mistakes. That can keep us from becoming as gorgeous as we can be.

Are you plucking your eyebrows wrong?

When you stand too close to the mirror while plucking your eyebrows, it prevents you from looking at their shape in totality, resulting in thin and uneven brows sometimes. Remember to take a step back from time to time to assess your eyebrows and your whole face.

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Use a bronzer moderately

Applying bronzer on your whole face might make you look slightly unreal instead of giving that tanned look you were going for. So keep the bronzer for sparse application on your nose and cheekbones, and even lesser on your chin and forehead.

Choosing the right shade of foundation

True, when testing a foundation, the sales girl has often asked you to check it on the back of your palm. But take it from us, that colour-match test there is probably not the best idea. Given the difference in the sun exposure they receive the colour of your hands is different from that of your face. Instead, for a perfect match, try the foundation on your jawline.

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Bid adieu to tacky lip lines!

Lipsticks fade, leaving behind only the lip-liner around your lips. Either forgo the liner or add a few strokes of the liner on your lips for a day-long pout. Surely, you do not want your lips to look like you have just chewed on a betel leaf, do you?

The correct way to back combing

Back-combing your hair does add volume to your hair, but doing it too often will only damage your precious locks. Teasing your hair will roughen your hair, making it look frizzy and affecting the hair’s cuticle. And that girls, is one assured path towards hair breakage.

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