New Woman and Saks Salon give a lucky reader a beauty makeover for a party.

Juee Ghatge, 28, Bharatnatyam dancer and Advertising Professional

Happy to get a party makeover, Juee arrived at Saks Salon in the make-up she usually preferred- slightly conventional and reluctant to experiment with colours and shades. In fact, the only time she claims to have tried any loud colours on her face is when she gets readied for her professional Bharatnatyam performances. On other occasions, she restricts her make-up to highlighting her petal-shaped eyes and dabbing gloss on her lips.

So when New Woman got Maisha Umrigar of Saks Salon, Mumbai, to work their magic on the beautiful maiden, and the beauty experts went ahead and demolished some of her preconceived notions on make-up, one of which was that she cannot carry off dark reds on her face.

Maisha Umrigar, make-up artist

Juee is like most Indian girls, when it comes to make-up. Her idea of make-up is a basic one and doesn’t do much about the pigmentation or dark spots on her face. Even when she came in, she had lined her eyes straight, giving her a beautiful but Indian look, so when she wore a western outfit, the looks clashed. Juee had come to us, in a black dress and a pair of brown earrings to accessorise it. I decided to use a gold and bronze look for her which is a day as well as night makeup, and every girl can try.”

Maisha’s steps to Juee’s makeover

1. She started with cleansing Juee’s face and then moisturising

2. Then, she worked on Juee’s pigmentations with a concealer mixed with red lipstick.

3. Using under eye-cream, Maisha then covered Juee’s dark circles.

5. This was followed with a yellow base on Juee’s face, called the Chinese foundation, to even out her skin tone.

6. A dark brown foundation palette was used for contouring.

7. Next, Maisha used a Colorbar gold palette to highlight Juee’s eye make-up and MAC folie

8. For the lips, Maisha chose a Lancôme red lipstick and dabbed Chanel red gloss over it.

9. Maisha completed the look by using a dark brown pencil on Juee’s eye brows.

Make-up tips by Maisha Umrigar

  • Contouring is something one should definitely try.

  • Don’t hesitate to wear a red lipstick. Just be careful of choosing the right shade to complement your skin tone.

  • Do not wipe off mascara that touches your upper eye lid. Instead let it dry and flick it off with your nail.

Stewart Harland, creative director and senior hair stylist at Saks Hair & Beauty, India

In India, long hair is very common. But one should experiment with hairstyles. For instance, a short person may look shorter with long, flowing hair. Juee had a traditional approach for a party night and chose to wear her hair long and open, without much else done to it, to experiment. I decided to tie it up and to give her face a sleek but soft look.”

Stewart Harland’s tips on hair colours to suit Indian skin tones

  • A mixture of deep honey tones and lighter sunny blondes does wonders to the Indian complexion.

Here’s how he did it

1. First, he plaited Juee’s hair and then separated the plaits one by one.

2. Then, he took the end section and pinned it, carrying on the process for all the loose strands of hair, making it look like a bun, the kinds that Stewart believes will add to the party look.

3. The curls formed thus give the otherwise simple bun a certain detailing.

4.Finally, he gave Juee a puff in the front to complete her look.

The complete woman

On the suggestion of Sahil Ansari, the costume stylist at Saks Salon, Juee changed her brown earrings to diamond studs, to match it with her black dress.

Honestly, I was doubtful about the whole look, what with the lip colour and how I am comfortable with doing my eyes. That being said, I always wanted to get my eyes done like this but never had the courage to do it. But once Stewart was done with my hair, the whole look just seems to have come along, and I love it. “Thank you Saks Salon, Maisha Umrigar and New Woman.”


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