Beauty Lessons with Kajol: Follow Her Incredibly Simple Rules


Her vivacious energy has not waned a bit over the years, and being around Kajol is entertainment guaranteed! We caught up with the gorgeous actress on the sidewings of the Olay Total Effects Lightweight Anti-Ageing Cream launch in Mumbai recently.

Needless to say, we had to get to the back of her youthful looks.

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One skincare rule you never break: I never compromise on cleaning my face at night, and then put on my night cream, before going to sleep.  

One beauty regret: I wish I had known about the importance of using a sunblock when I was 16.

A failsafe beauty trick: Be absolutely anal where water is concerned. Never compromise on drinking the mandatory two-and-a-half litres of water on a daily basis.

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Your haircare routine involves: I keep it fairly simple. A good shampoo and conditioner usually does it for me.

That one beauty product that is always in your bag: Definitely, my lip balm.

Guilty Indulgence: Bengali sweets (once in a while!)

If you were to eliminate one sign of ageing it would be: Why just one? I would simply club all of them and put everything in a folder.

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