She was the sultry siren from Germany who seemed to have landed blockbusters in Bollywood since her debut in the Indian film industry. Glam queen Evelyn Sharma opens up to Sruthi Rajan about her beauty secrets.

It is difficult to forget the bikini-clad hotness of this German beauty, as she crooned to Sunny Sunny, the popular tune from Yaariyan (2014). Before that there was the cute ‘bimbo’ Lara she played, in the #100-crore-hit Karan- Johar movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013), where the protagonist ensured he didn’t let go of the chance he got to run his hands over her skin.

Evelyn entered the tinsel town with her movie From Sydney with Love (2012) and garnered a lot of fame in movies like Nautanki Saala (2013) and Issaq (2013), not to miss another of her 2014 releases starring Varun Dhawan, Main Tera Hero (2014), and Kuch Kuch Locha Hai and Ishqedarriyaan in 2015. But the German-born was already an actor before she joined the extravagant Bollywood industry, having started her career in 2006 with a British movie Turn Left. Not many know that the gorgeous actor is also multi-talented; she released her first single Something Beautiful with Indo-American artist Brooklyn Shanti in 2014, which was a huge success in the USA, and received recognition from the biggies of the music industry, including singer Ariana Grande.

Although not in the news for a while, Evelyn Sharma has big dreams, especially on the personal front. This year, she’s looking forward to the release of her 10th movie. She’s also going to do an item song and plans to bring out her own YouTube channel, and hints at a new single.

Following the likes of Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, Evelyn also has plans to enter Hollywood and was reportedly offered an American television series. Evelyn has been chosen to feature in a 2017 calendar along with Miss World Japan 2015 Chika Nakagawa, posing across the various tourist destinations in the country. The aim is to promote Japanese tourism and to bring in more Indian tourists to the country.

She spoke to us at length about her beauty rituals and reliance on the power of natural products. Here’s an excerpt from the interview.

Your skin looks very smooth and blemish-free with an undeniable glow to it. Is there a beauty routine you follow to maintain that radiance?

I believe in natural beauty products. I think the best thing one can do is to create your own cosmetics. I, for instance, whip up sugar peels, coffee scrubs, aloe masks and almond butter lotion to create magic potions for my skin.

What is that one beauty advice that you follow diligently?

You must have heard this a thousand times, but drinking loads of water is indeed the key. It’s so important to stay hydrated, especially if you travel as much as I do. I am constantly on a plane, flying from one end of the world to the other, which really dehydrates me. And with the time zones changing everywhere I go, I actually need to put a reminder in my phone to keep drinking water. I would advise everyone to do that, too.

What make-up or skincare products do you always carry in your bag?

Lip balm, face mist, hand lotion, mascara and a peachy blush.

What’s your one make-up mantra?

Less is more! When the world is going gaga over insta-filters, Huda Beauty tutorials and Kylie Jenner, I really wonder if people actually remember what they used to look like. Every woman is naturally beautiful. God has made you perfect the way you are. Don’t cover up to look like someone else. Enhance your own beautiful features because they are unique and so very precious.

What do you usually prefer to play up—your eyes or your lips? And what colours do you like on either?

If I am dressing up for an event or a party, I definitely like to play with my eye make-up. Usually, it’s a black smoky eye.

You seem to have naturally long and lustrous hair. How do you take care of it, especially during the monsoons?

Honestly, I have very frizzy hair in its natural structure. My German genes have given me thin strands, but my Punjabi genes have blessed me with good volume. I take care of my hair using an olive oil or sesame oil mixed with aloe-vera gel mix, which makes a great hair mask. I leave the mix on for 30 minutes and rinse. The aloe makes it easy to wash out the oil.

What is the one product that you suggest everyone should use during the rainy season in India?

Waterproof mascara. Period.

It has been proven that the health of one’s skin and hair depends on one’s food habits. What is your diet mantra?

That’s true; diet makes a huge difference to your looks. One needs to know what goes into one’s body because that’s what’s going to reflect on the skin, and I would suggest that one eats organic food. I love beetroot in any form—juice or salad. It makes a stark difference to my skin tone. And I know that carrot juice does the same for a more tanned skin tone. So whenever I’m by the beach getting a nice tan, I make sure I have carrot juice to turn my skin golden.


Your beauty philosophy: A happy girl is a beautiful girl.

A secret beauty tip you wish to share: Your friends make all the difference in your life. Surround yourself with people who encourage and uplift you. When you are happy about your life and have people motivating you, you will always look and feel beautiful.

A song that describes you the best: Purpose, by Justin Bieber

An advice from your parents you follow till date: I have an OCD when it comes to cleanliness, and I tend to believe that’s because my mom always insisted me that I clean the house properly.

An unfulfilled desire: Husband and kids, although I hope that dream will come true sooner than later.

One thing people know wrongly about you:

People mistake me for the hot, glamorous girl they see on-screen, but I’m just a simple, small-town girl who likes to wear pajamas and eat chocolate waffles.

Your workout regime: I have an amazing Pilates trainer who makes me look fit for all my shoots. Besides that, I love to swim and dance.


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