Backless Blouse Designs You Can Wear This Festive Season

Time to update your blouses with these sexy back-less designs !

Backless Blouse Designs You Can Wear This Festive Season

Be it a lehenga or a saree – it is your blouse that can completely turn around your look. And while your saree covers most of the front, it is even better to opt for a backless blouse and flaunt your sexy back! Often, we have been guilty of borrowing the blouse from our mothers or siblings and dealt with a not so perfect fit and a dated design. It can completely ruin your ethnic look and make your attire rather shabby. Instead, invest in a tailored blouse for yourself and let everyone be stunned from the poise with which you carry your next Desi look. If you are looking for inspiration, but have been bored going through thousands of unattractive blouses, fret not, here’s a curation of the best backless styles that you can choose from!

Pom Poms Dori



This cute dori-style backless blouse works beautifully with traditional sarees. You can also try designs for your dori giving the entire attire a chic look.

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Sheer Back



Sheer is a trend that is here to stay for a long time. You can try this type of blouse in casual parties and make the heads turn instantly.

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Scoop Back



You might have crossed over circular loops (of course!) but have you seen triangular loops? A kind of a sorted design and pattern of a backless designer blouse, this type can be easily adorned with cotton or say traditional festival sarees.




This type of design gives your blouse a modern touch. You can also play with the length and size of the bow which will add on to the pop factor of the blouse.

Shimmery Back



If you are looking for elegance, then this is the perfect match for you. It goes along with plain sarees as well and works best with party-wear sarees.

Back Strap Blouse



Show-off your super hot back with this back strap blouse which has only two straps to hold the blouse. With the sexy appearance it is also comfortable and you can try this with any bright coloured sarees.

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