Are You Getting Enough Sleep? If Not, It’s Time You Do!

Are You Getting Enough Sleep? If Not, It’s Time You Do!

Remember whenever you prepared for your day’s timetable, you would always mention 8 hours of sleep every night. Though 8-hour sleep sounds cliched, something that we have been listening to our elders advice, it is actually really important when it comes to the overall balance of our physical as well as mental self. Here are 5 reasons as to why 8-hour sleep is important.

Fasting Done By Default

8-hour sleep is important

It is not healthy for our human body to keep consuming food throughout the day, even though we have 2-3 hours of interval in between two meals and/or snacks. We need a long fasting period, 6 to 8 hours to be precise, so that our body – the digestive system, organs that secrete digestive enzymes, etc – can rest and rejuvenate. Make sure you do not consume sugary foods right before bedtime; your dessert post dinner should be at least an hour before your bedtime. Consume 1 cup of plain milk (or, better, add turmeric powder in it) 15-20 minutes before your bedtime.

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Maintains Blood Circulation And Blood Pressure

Sleeping Benefits

Sleeping helps you regulate your blood circulation because of obvious reasons. When in sleep your breathing is deeper and regulated, which helps your body in controlling blood pressure at least for those hours. This does help a lot when it comes to maintaining  blood circulation and blood pressure. Therefore, a patient suffering from breathing-related issues, blood pressure, etc., are always advised to sleep amply.

Decreases Risks Of Diseases

good sleep

Studies have proved that having a good night’s sleep boosts our immune system. This directly helps our body to fight against disease-causing germs and bacteria, and reduce the risk of contracting diseases. That is why doctors always advise their patients to ‘rest’ after taking their prescribed medicines. Sleeping helps the medicines to work even more effectively.

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Maintains Body Weight

Body Weight

Almost a decade ago, Vidya Balan had revealed in an interview that the cause of her sudden gain of weight was not being able to sleep adequately. Almost every doctor support this fact. The state of sleeplessness takes a huge toll on our thyroids, which eventually result in imbalance in production of thyroxin – a hormone that is responsible for the function of metabolism in our body. Imbalance in metabolism directly impacts our weight.

Balance Of Mind

Balance Of Mind

Just like our body, our mind also needs ample of time to rest. Hence, sleeping for the ideal old good 8 hours means taking care of not only your physical health but also your mental health. Sleeping well keeps away mental issues such as depression, insomnia, etc. For better sleep, remind yourself every night before bedtime to read a book, listen to peppy and/or soulful music, think positive, etc.

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