“And I Am In Love!”… (Watch Video)

Several hearts were smitten by the dream girl of India. But how did she fall in love? Veteran actress, Hema Malini reminisces on love, selflessness and beyond.

“And I Am In Love!”… (Watch Video)

Love has no boundaries – it is selfless and unrestrained – and dives right into seeking its companion. Undeterred of any obstacle or hurdle, it sets on a journey to establish its own existence.  And before you know it, you have already woven dreams in your eyes that gleam like the quaint moon set peacefully in the night sky. Your lips seal unexpressed verses and your cheeks transform into a thousand red roses.  When someone looks at you with eyes immersed in such adoration, you can’t help but feel special and beautiful. Drowned in those eyes, you hope to never be found.

At the onset of youth, when love knocks at your heart life takes an unforeseen detour. The entire universe seem to break into cheer – every person should fall in love atleast once! It teaches you not only to love life but also the object of your affection wholeheartedly and unselfishly. I can’t deny that I too have experienced this kind of love. Today, when I look back on those happy moments, not only do I feel utmost happiness but also a sense of pride that I have lived my life liberally, because I have loved passionately, acknowledged the love of my life, created a cocoon of warmth with my companion and got blessed with two beautiful daughters – is there anything else I need?


Recently, we completed 38 years of marital bliss. I am amazed how such a humongous span of time passed disguised as a millisecond. Life couldn’t have been better and I regret nothing. The highs and lows have taught me lessons that made me the person I am today. I walked into motherhood, saw my daughters transform into beautiful women and realised that is exactly what gratification is made of. Often when Dharamji plays with Ahana’s son, I look back on the time when our daughters were little. We’ve come so far and done our best to share responsibilities as parents. Dharamji supported and encouraged me to continue my career in dance, acting and politics. If this is not true love then what is?

Today, reminiscing of the yesteryears, my gut still fills with ecstasy. I was at the peak of my career and fame in the film industry when I fell in love with Dharamji. We acted together in several films and developed a connection with each other. A young girl would have been torn between love and career but not me. I was sure of what I wanted – to prioritise my personal life. My work had become weary and I lost on time for myself.

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For my mother, art was the only way of life. I was refrained from developing romantic affiliations whatsoever and focus single-mindedly on films. But is it possible for a young woman working with several handsome men, in such a glamourous industry to practice abstinence? My feelings for Dharamji refused to be fenced. But our relationship wasn’t a very conventional one and hence frowned upon by both the families. It was my mother who commanded us to culminate our bond into marriage. We were reluctant, because our love wasn’t planned; it was never born with a goal in mind. Our union happened but only after we gallantly crossed each barrier.

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Indeed, destiny had made up its mind. It was my dad who cruised through several suitors for me but nothing materialised. I believe that even in the film industry which was brimming with gorgeous suitors, there was nobody for me except Dharamji. Once someone wise said that you do not choose love, love chooses you. After that, you still have ups and downs but you have someone to laugh with you. You journey through life with ease when you have a co-traveler.


I have learned from my experience that you cannot plan an immaculate thing like love… it is like a dew drop that transforms into a magnificent pearl when it falls on your heart. Like the most breathtaking things in nature, love happens on its own. It is born out of our minds and hearts. And that is why it is the most sought-after feeling in the world. Those who achieve it will never want to give it up!


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