You Must Read This If You Have Tooth Sensitivity!

You Must Read This If You Have Tooth Sensitivity!

What is Tooth Sensitivity?

Sudden twinges of pain in your teeth while eating something cold? This is known as tooth sensitivity. A brief sensation of either heat or cold can make you grimace in pain. This happens when the white enamel of your teeth gets eroded away due to different things. The nerves in your tooth get sensitive and cause pain when stimulated from outer sources like foods, brushing or even talking. Here are some causes of tooth sensitivity.

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  • Your Diet

Tooth Sensitivity

Eating the wrong foods can surely harm your teeth. Juices, sour candies, citrus fruits, and fizzy drinks increase tooth sensitivity. Acidic foods cause the natural enamel of your teeth to erode away this causing tooth decay.

  • Stress

Tooth Pain

High levels of stress can cause tooth grinding which then leads to tooth sensitivity. Tooth grinding is called Bruxism and happens unconsciously when you sleep. Tooth grinding can cause tooth damage, headaches, and other hearing disorders.

  • Chewing Ice

Weak Teeth

Stop on chewing on ice. People who eat ice pieces harm their teeth and make the vulnerable and sensitive. It cracks down on your enamel and makes your teeth weak.

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  • Dental Work

tooth removal

Any form of dental work such as tooth whitening or tooth removal can lead to sensitivity. This should go away in a couple of weeks and if no, then show it to a dentist immediately. Whitening products also break down the enamel coating of your teeth making it sensitive.

  • Harsh Brushing

Harsh Brushing

Being rough with your teeth while brushing can be harmful to your teeth. Hard bristled brushes and brushing aggressively can increase tooth sensitivity.

  • Gum Problems

Gum Problems

Gum problems, tooth decay, cavities, and rotting teeth can also cause tooth sensitivity. Excessive flossing and crown work or any gum diseases also make your teeth sensitive.

Work out what causes your teeth sensitivity and visit a dentist to understand how to cure it.

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