All You Need To Know About Hickeys!

This is not a drill!

All You Need To Know About Hickeys!

How many times have you struggled with the hickey on your neck for days? And yet, when in the act of passion, giving a hickey comes as blissfully as receiving one. Also called love bites, ironically, it doesn’t involve much of biting. What it does involve though is wild sucking on one spot, leaving behind a mark.

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You Need More Iron!


If you bruise easily from hickeys, it’s a clear indication that you are short of iron supplements in your diet, which can affect your blood circulation. A good red hickey takes a lot of time and effort. But if you bruise and turn red within seconds, you probably have anemia! This happens when you don’t have enough red blood cells thus making your skin turn red as soon as pressure is put on it.

Lovebites Are Bruises!

Love bites

Lovebites are nothing but broken blood vessels under your skin aka bruises. Hickeys are bruises that are caused by sucking on the same spot for a long time. This sometimes might break your skin and bleed or just bruise, something like when you bang your arm or knee against a table or wall.

And They CAN Leave Scars!


Lovebites are a great reminder for anyone who sees that you got some major action. But it also means you have a huge red mark for the whole world to see for the next couple of weeks (depending on how badly bruised you are). And things can get awkward if they’re in pretty obvious places on your body when you clearly are supposed to hide them for example at work or in front of your conservative parents.

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You Could Get Oral Herpes!


As much as you think how much trouble could a small love bite give you, be warned, lovebites can actually end up giving you oral herpes! Having a cold sore or a bad throat and making out with him/ her can obviously pass it on but even STD’s can be transferred via hickeys. It’s best to be aware of each other’s sexual health before even thinking of sex.

You Can Get Rid Of Them Within Minutes

sex life

Yep, you read that right. You can use all the makeup in the world and turtlenecks and scarves to hide them (if they’re on your neck) but they’re pretty permanent. If you think it’s going to disappear overnight then you’re going to be disappointed. Unless you follow a few life-saving hacks (read more) to blur them, they will fade only with time.

Kinda Deadly!

deadly love bite

Scary and true, in 2016 a boy had died due to a deadly lovebite from his girlfriend. Yes, you can die from a love bite. He apparently suffered an internal carotid injury and bled to death when it moved to his brain. There have also been reports of strokes, attacks, and seizures from the sheer pressure of rushing blood to a single spot. So next time you go for the jugular, go slow or you might need to visit the emergency room.

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