Here’s Your All Time Favorite: Chocolate Milk Shake

Cool your summer with this tasty milkshake!!

Here’s Your All Time Favorite: Chocolate Milk Shake


Chocolate is so irresistible that no one can resist without having a mouthful. Since milk is important for good health, why not combine these both to get a healthy and tasty milk shake! It’s difficult to make kids drink milk everyday as it has a plain taste. But thanks to flavored milk, that process becomes extremely simple.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to make this yummy chocolate milkshake which is not only healthy, but is also full of flavour. 27


200 ml cold milk

50 g cold frresh cream

20 grams of Grated Chocolate

Half piece of soft chocolate

1/4 tsp coffee

1 tbsp sugar


Mix all ingredients and grind them in the mixer. Tasty and healthy milk chocolate shake is ready. Serve cold for the best taste.

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