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Advantages Of Trying Out Different Sex Positions

Just the way one needs a break from a monotonous and routine life cycle, it is equally important to bring in some variety in your sex life. Well, why would you stick to one position when there are so many to experiment with? More the experimentation, more the fun! Furthermore, you’ll never know how much you’d enjoy a different position unless you try it. If you’re yet stuck on the same position, we’ll give you four reasons to try out different sex positions that are sure to convince you otherwise.

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  • Compensates For Sexual Incompatibility

Yes, it works! Just because a single position isn’t working for a couple doesn’t mean that they are absolutely sexually incompatible. Many a time, it’s the posture of a particular position that might clash with the couple’s physical attributes, specifically the height and weight. Hence, it’s essential to go ahead and do everything to attain sexual compatibility.

  • Targets Different Pleasure Points

It goes without saying that the pleasure attained from a doggie style position is different from the pleasure received from a missionary position. This is because different positions target different pleasure points.

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  • Different Views & Perceptions

When your positions are switched so is the view and feelings attached to it. Different positions can make you feel varied emotions and change your perceptions about your relationship and partner.

  • Unexplored Orgasms

While enjoying sex, your whole body is connected to your genitals. Different positions will help tone your entire body in different ways to achieve maximum pleasure. Some positions just might make you see the stars like never before. Experimenting will help you understand what makes you feel good about your body.

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