Add 9 Colours Of Navratri To Your Make-Up

This Navratri, flaunt the 9 colours of the 9 days by adding them to your make-up. Know how...

Add 9 Colours Of Navratri To Your Make-Up

Navratri is an epitome of Indian festival – lights, clothes, food, poojas, and colours. Each day of Navratri is dedicated to welcome one Indian goddess, and according to the shartras, there are 9 colours that will please each of the goddesses. Every year you see the Hindu women going gaga over the ‘colour schemes’ for the outfits. This year, we want to take the custom to a next level by adding these 9 colours to our beauty guide of these 9 days.

Day 1: Royal Blue

Royal Blue Makeup

On the first day of Navratri, Goddess Shailaputri is welcomed with royal blue colour. Go for a royal blue eyeliner pencil. You can either watch a generous amount on your waterline, smudging it slightly or can draw a short-winged liner on your upper eyelid. Apply two-three coatings of black mascara on your eyelashes. The royal blue will definitely pop out.

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Day 2: Yellow

Colours Of Navratri

On the second day, Goddess Brahmacharini is welcomed with yellow colour. Apply a powdery matte yellow eyeshadow on your upper eyelids. Draw a clean medium-thick black eyeliner and apply generous coats of mascara to your eyelashes. This will give a clean and no-nonsense edge to your look. Avoid highlighting (except for the cheekbones) as yellow colour might mute down.

Day 3: Green

Make-Up Tips

On the third day, Goddess Chandraghanta is welcomed with green colour. You can use either a green eyeshadow or a green matte eye pencil to colour your upper eyelid. Apply a thin liner and apply generous coats of black mascara. If you want to add more oomph to your green eye make-up, use the combination of green and black or dark brown kajal pencil and smudge some on your waterline. You will achieve a perfect green smokey eye make-up.

Day 4: Grey

grey coloured kajal pencil

On the fourth day, Goddess Kushmanda is welcomes with grey colour. Many might not know, but application of grey colour eyeliner, eyeshadow or a simple grey coloured kajal pencil can add dimensions to your eye make-up. Grey does make the eyes look sexier. While a glittery grey (NOT silver) eyeliner is a really good colour for night parties and such, a matte grey one is perfect for a laid-back day outing in the city.

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Day 5: Orange

Navratri Make-UpNavratri Make-Up

On the fifth day, Goddess Skandamata is welcomed with orange colour. It is major misconception that bold lip colours such as orange does not go with Indian skin tone. When looking for an orange lip colour, opt for a matte one because a satin one might wash out. If you are not one for a bold lip colour, you can go for a nice orange nail colour or to keep things simple but ethnic go for an orange bindi. This will never disappoint you.

Day 6: White

Colours Of Navratri

On the sixth day, welcome Goddess Katyayani with white colour. While a simple swatch of white eye pencil on your waterline will do wonders to your eye make-up, you can even opt for white nail colour for this day. White might be the most basic colour, but it has power to make some difference.

Day 7: Red

beauty guide for navratri

On the seventh day, welcome Goddess Kalratri with the colour red. When it comes to adding red to your make-up, what else comes to your mind than a good red lip colour? A deep red lip colour can go on literally any outfit. It is a universal colour – looks great on any skin tone. If you are attending a pooja or any religious event around you, opt for a bindi to go with it.

Day 8: Sky Blue

Navratri Eye Makeup

On the eight day, welcome Goddess Mahagauri with sky blue colour. Instead of applying white eye pencil on your waterline, go for this powder sky blue colour. You can also swatch the same on your upper eyelid. Do not forget to apply a generous coat of black mascara to your eyelashes. The blue will pop out well.

Day 9: Pink

Last Day of Navratri Makeup Tips

On the ninth and the last day of Navratri, welcome Goddess Siddhidatri with pink colour. While there are so many pinks in make-up products to opt from, the most hustle-free and foolproof option for Indian skin tone is a deep rich pink lip colour. Do not forget to line your lips with a similar or one or two shades darker lip liner pencil.

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