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90’s Fashion Trends That Have Made A Major Comeback

As all of us know, the 90s were a pivotal turning point in women’s fashion. Celebrities were the ultimate style icons of the 90’s, who broke the conservative dress code and opted for non-conforming outfits. Their clothes stemmed from the “too cool for school” attitude and most of these trends now are considered as classics. The idea behind these comebacks is recreating that lifestyle. Not limited to the fashion industry, these drifts have become predominant in our daily wardrobe too. Here are some of the fashion trends that have made a major comeback into our closets.

1) Chokers

A statement choker might just be the biggest resurgence of them all. Since a few seasons, chokers are being donned by nearly every girl and soon escalated to become a staple. They are not only readily available and affordable but also easy to make.

2) Denim Dungaree

The 90’s gave us the adorable denim jumpers and the modified version of them still rocks our wardrobes in 2017. They are the best option if you’re going for the chic look and are equally comfortable to pull off.

3) Crop Tops

Amazed? Back in the day minis were the way to go — the concept of shrunken tops comes from there. Today, crop tops bare your midriff just enough to make you look sexy without too much exposure. The flexible top serves as both casual and occasion wear.

4) Pantsuits

Androgynous clothing was a rage back then, especially the oversized suit. After going MIA in the 2000’s, the style reincarnated in a fitted silhouette and women have embraced it in full swing. Indeed, there is no outfit that makes a stronger statement.

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5) High waist Jeans

Denim had really created a wave by the 90’s. Almost every women owned several high waist mom jeans for casual wear. This statement still holds true after all these years later. The contemporary high waist jeans has had some modifications over their predecessors. They have been slimmed down, ripped and even dyed but their essence remains the same.

6) Backpacks

Back in the 90’s carrying a backpack was considered geeky, but this trend has resurfaced in a more stylish avatar. The backpack trend of 2017 has a crazy twist of prints and vibrant colors. It’s still the most convenient way to carry your things but now you can look really cute while doing it.

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7) A shirt around the waist

A very new comeback, this trend comes from the rock and roll days. In the 90’s a shirt around the waist was the ultimate style trick. Today the same shirt around your waist is the easiest way to pull a casual outfit together. Bonus points if the shirt is a checkered flannel one.

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