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Delicious Snacks You Can Serve Your Guests During Festive Season

No Indian festival is quite complete without mouthwatering food. Since you will obviously have guests pouring in by the dozen for Diwali, it is imperative that you have an array of foods ready. Here are a few last-minute snack ideas you can serve your guests.


Who doesn’t like samosas? And very few can resist the temptation of an additional samosa, even if one is enough to fill you up. The best part: you can serve a samosa with every kind of sauce & chutney on the side, be it dates and tamarind chutney, green mint chutney, blended and spice curd. Want to add more variety to your plate of samosa? Serve it with chole, to make for a plate of delicious samosa-chole.

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Mathri is a travel snack to be precise, but again, it can be savoured anytime. Pair this snack with a steaming cuppa masala chai, you will definitely have won your guests’ heart. For added flavour, add a small amount of kasuri methi while preparing them.


Nothing spells festive more than laddoos. Take your pick from besan, motichoor, suji, flour, etc. Ladoos made in pure ghee is the ultimate Indian sweet!


Jalebi is another much-loved Indian sweet. Though the ingredients and methods vary from region to region, jalebi is a soul-food end of the day. Serve a plateful with a small bowl of rabdi to go with.

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If deep-fried snacks become too much, give your guests the option of something that is light, steamed and almost oil-free – dhoklas. This Gujarati wonder-food is pretty easy to cook. Serve a platter with dates + tamarin chutney and green chilli + coriander + mint chutney.


This mouthwatering Gujarati snack is extremely light on the tummy and greatly satisfies the taste-buds. Serve a platter of khandvi with salted and friend green chillies.

Dry Fruits, Dried Fruits And Fresh Fruits


The healthiest snacks to serve would be a bowl of dry fruits and/or a platter of dried fruits and/or fresh fruits. The best thing about dried fruits is that children LOVE them because they look different and taste like flavoured candies.


To almost every Indian, chaat is not just a type of food, it is an emotion. It is light but at the same time, it can satisfy both the tummy and your heart. Flavourful chaats can make for a really great option to serve during early evenings or late mornings.


Festivities or not, a hot steaming cuppa tea is welcome anytime. Well, that is not the only reason why you must serve tea; tea is also served with fried dry snacks because it helps wash down the oiliness of the food. Add any one or a combination of two or more spices and/or herbs such as fresh or dry ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, lemongrass, etc., in the tea for additional flavour.

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