9 Popular Blouse Designs Worn By Divyanka Tripathi That Are Gorgeous

Don't we all love her style?

9 Popular Blouse Designs Worn By Divyanka Tripathi That Are Gorgeous

Apart from ‘Ishika Bhalla’ from ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’, Divyanka Tripathi is also popular for her style. Divyanka’s face itself reflects simplicity and innocence which is also the reason that her fans love her. Whether it is her serial or her marriage, similar to her sarees, her blouse designs are also special. So, we have come up with the patterns of 13 best designer blouses that the actress was seen sporting her wedding and special occasions.





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There is a big role of blouse to increase the beauty of sarees. So take a special note on the pattern of the blouse. Nowadays, bigger border elbow sleeves, full sleeve blouses are being liked in bridal wear. Saree is being experimented in various ways to create a new look. Many youngsters wear saree in a modern fashion in the wedding function


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Traditional sarees can be decorated with trench coat, crop top, shirt blouse, corset, full sleeve blouse, halter neck blouse giving it a modern look. You can also wear modern saris in different styles, such as lehenga saree, double saree, saree with cape, palazzo saree, dhoti saree etc.

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