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9 Dori Blouse-Backs That Will Make You Look Sexy AF

Women, when they want to do this, they want to do it right, don’t we? Doris and/or latkans are known to add the right amount oomph to blouses. So, here are 9 dori designs that will give a touch of sex-appeal to your saree and lehenga in the the perfect amount, enough to make your guy not to leave your side.



These types of dori blouses are not exactly new. Banjarans (females from the Banjara tribe) are known to wear something similar as this, except their bottom-doris are at both the sides. We are sure, your guy wouldn’t want to leave your side.

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Backless Blouse + Dori

Backless blouses with only doris are phenomenal! But you need to know how to carry them. They speak a lot about grace, sexiness and elegance all in one. To human eyes, dark and deep coloured blouses and their doris will make your skin glow and add a little extra oomph to your already sexy blouse.

Deep Back + Dori

No words about deep-backed blouses. They themselves are amazing sexy and can anyone, even a woman who appreciate grace and sex-appeal in other women, cannot help appreciate the sexiness it shouts. Add a same-coloured dori to it, and make it even more irresistible!

Patterned-Back + Dori

Patterned-back blouses with doris are quite regal. They ooze elegance, and the wearer will automatically feel a great deal of responsibility to carry this type of blouse. Add colours, patterns and textures to this kind of blouse and make it look even richer.

Double Doris

There is something extremely sexy about double dori backless blouses. Make sure, you have it tailor-made and fit an in-built padding in it so that it does not move a lot in its mid-section. Opt for multiple coloured and/or printed cloths for such blouses; ikat, kalamkari, ajrak, etc. prints will look amazing!

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Loops And Doris

Want your blouse to more secured but still want to keep up with the fashion of doris? Opt for multiple loops on the back of your blouse; you can lace your dori through them in various patterns. You can lace multiple doris through a pair of loops or can lace a single long dori through all of them just like you do with your shoe-laces.

Halter Neck Doris

Thanks to B-town fashion designers, halter-neck dori has become a thing and how! If Rani Mukherjee flaunting this type of blouse in the title track of the movie ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’ is not enough to inspire you, then what else would be! You can even opt this blouse design on a lehenga to add an oomph factor to it.

Latkans, Tassels And  Pom-Poms

Sworn by most of the brides, latkans and pom-pom doris are regal, beautiful and so festive. For tassels and pom-poms, opt for a darker shade of the colour of the blouse. For latkans, be creative and add whatever you are like – thread-balls, mirrors, artificial feathers, etc.

Knot Dori

They may look simple, but they are uh-so sexy! Knot doris will definitely make him go crazy. Opt for a deep and dark hued blouse and dori. You can even go for tassels and pom-poms for the dori, but make it a point to keep the dori short.

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