9 Beauty Tricks For Brides-to-be

We provide a checklist for brides-to-be to follow for maximum radiance on D-Day.

9 Beauty Tricks For Brides-to-be

Being anxious about glowing skin on your wedding day should be the last day of your worries.

1.Start preparing for your D-day early on. Analyse your skin problems and change your skincare habits as soon as possible.

2.Get rid of oily acne-prone skin with professional help. Use a mild face wash, toner and oil control moisturiser to maintain healthy skin.

3.Eat healthy and drink lots of fluids. Other than water, also consume cucumber, tomatoes, berries, etc.

4.Manage pores and scars by microdermabrasion and fractional laser.

5.Use body products such as scrubs to lighten tan and dark elbows/knees. Use an intense moisturiser for the body and lightening creams for tan removal.

6.Always use SPF 30–50 sunscreen for your face and body. For your lips, ensure that the sunscreen has a minimum SPF of 15.

7.Consider mild chemical peels to get rid of acne marks and uneven skin tone once in two weeks, for 6–8 sittings.

8.Use a skin brightening mask, once a week, to refresh the skin.

9.Take care of hair using mild shampoo and conditioner and use non-PPD, ammonia hair colours to reduce hair damage.


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