8 Steps To Work Your Way To Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Summer gives your skin a very rough time. And it is crucial that you give your skin utmost care on a regular basis. We help you get glowing skin instantly.

8 Steps To Work Your Way To Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Due to the humid weather, your skin can suffer breakouts and infections. Hence, it is important to choose a skincare regime that is suitable for this weather and keeps your complexion fresh and healthy.

1.You are not the only one who needs a good night’s sleep, your skin needs it too.

2. Apply a light lotion or gel-based moisturiser that contains antioxidants like vitamin C.

3. Finally, wear a sunblock with UVA and UVB protection of at least PA++ and SPF30 and apply lots of it.

4. In the mornings, always remember to wash your face with a salicylic acid or alpha-hydroxyl acid-based cleanser.

5. Your skin works round the clock so you stay beautiful. All you can do for it at night is, wash it properly and apply some night cream or night moisturiser.

6. Drink lots of water. This is something that you must follow all the time, no matter what season it is. Your skin needs hydration to prevent or reduce breakouts, acne or dryness.

7. Do not leave your house without applying some sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. You can never escape the UV rays even during the monsoon. Apply a sunscreen even if you choose to stay indoors throughout the day.

8. Who wouldn’t love hitting the shower after a long and tiring day? Do not go to sleep without taking a shower with some lukewarm water to ensure your skin


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